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7 Motivation Hacks You’ve Never Heard of that Actually Work

Hey guys!

I have to tell you something. My motivation has been running away from me lately. I don’t know what’s up, but I’m finding it hard to wake up early for my morning workouts (in fact I missed like 3 of them this past week). I’m eating foods that I normally don’t because I have this “don’t care” attitude right now. So I’m writing this blog post for both of us.

Let’s snap out of this funk, shall we?

#1. Coax yourself with a less intense workout

I love working out (obviously), but you know what? Sometimes I just DON’T WANT TO!

Get me that Netflix, give me those Trader Joe’s plantain chips with guac, and get those gym shoes away from me…you what I mean!?

But instead of completely skipping my workout or shoving myself out the door and dreading the gym, the best solution I’ve found is to just PICK ANOTHER WORKOUT! If weight lifting or HIIT sounds too intense, I’ll sign up to take a slower paced class like hot yoga or pilates reformer. That way I don’t feel as intimidated. Working out then feels like a treat again. Not a chore.

#2. Change it up

If your workout plan is boring you to death, completely switch it up! There is nothing wrong with you for getting tired of something. That is totally normal and totally human.What you need is NEWNESS.

Try a new eating plan (yay for buying new ingredients and trying new recipes!) or buy yourself a new workout outfit! If that’s not enough, then like I said above, pick a totally new workout.

If there’s been a workout you’ve been super curious about, now is the time to jump in and try it! I love taking classes on ClassPass because I get to pick a workout (like how I’d pick a dish on a menu) and then I await my surprise! It’s fun. Sometimes they’re amazing and sometimes they’re horrendous, but that’s the fun of working out in 2019. You’ve got SO MANY CHOICES. SO stop with the excuses!

#3. Get up and have a glass of water

Ever just sit there thinking about the stuff you’ve got to do but you don’t actually get up and do it? Next time that happens, just stand up and do this.

Get up and have a glass of water.


First, drinking water will help you feel less sluggish. It’s a simple thing, and it’s not an unpleasant thing to do. Plus it gets you into the “doing” mode, and out of “thinking” mode.

So, get up and get out of your head!

#4. Have a motivation helpline

I bet you a million bucks your friends are in the same “motivation rut” as you, in some way.

Create a group chat dedicated to supporting each other when motivation is nowhere to be found.

You are not alone in how you feel. Don’t ever think that everyone else in the world is doing great while you struggle. I promise you, almost everyone out there is fighting against some form of unmotivated feelings.

You’re doing amazing. Give your friends the chance to remind you of that!

#5. Write a fool-proof list of “why”

Let me ask you something…why are you pushing yourself toward being more motivated?

Kind of a tough question, huh?

This was me a while ago: “I’m going to the gym because I’m not happy with my body”.

Eek. That hurt. That’s a hurtful “why”! So I changed those thoughts! Now it’s: “I’m going to the gym because it makes me feel strong and energized”.

Write down your “why” and make sure it’s kind, motivating and inspiring!

#6. Leave today behind…but use it to fuel tomorrow

Some days are just kinda…meh, and we should accept it! It’s ok. Just do what you can to get through it and look toward tomorrow.

It’s all good. It doesn’t mean that your entire week is ruined or that your motivation is gone forever! It’s just the down in the ups and downs of life. It’s TOTALLY NORMAL.

Just something to think about. Productivity doesn’t always mean a day of rushing around at 100% speed all day…productivity can mean resting too. Rest is equally as important.

#7. Tackle the immediate stuff first

Anyone else have a habit of running toward the big goals without actually dealing with the little things which need to be done? SAME!

Here’s what to do:

  • Write down all those small tasks which have to be done
  • Tick off the ones you can complete now
  • Smile! You achieved stuff…yay!


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